All clips in the trampling archive 11/2016

183422 - High Heels Trample Clips Vol.1

This is the best of the best of our most intense high heels trample action. Several different gorgeous girls trample Cucciolo under their extremely sharp heels, high heeled platforms, metal heeled stilettos, high heel pumps, high heel open sandals, high heels slippers and more. Bruises, marks, if you have been trampled under high heels you know exactly the insane pain you feel under those ******s called heels. For the high heels maniacs who are into Extreme high heels trample, this is the compilation for you!


27060 - Trample Party 6 WMV

The film features three girls (Julia, Marta, and Ewa) and two guys (Don and Wojtek). We edited 20 minutes of material out of three hours of footage. At first the girls, who are wearing winter shoes, are trampling a guy who is chained to the wall. Then they switch to high-heels and doc martens, which leave visible marks on the body. What next? The film includes: three girls on top of one guy, one of the guys picks up the girls with his arms, the girls stepping on his hands with their heels, walking and flamenco dancing on a plank that is placed on top of the guy, stomping on the guy's stomach in the doc martens, as well as standing with the soles of those heavy boots on his head (they were new). The film was shot with a Samsung camera on a DV cassette. Time: 19.40 min. REMASTERED - movie from 2003