All clips in the trampling archive 05/2020

184171 - Six Heels Of Pain 2

A fantastic movie with real entertainment value. The is a constant, the girls create a fun atmosphere but make no mistake the action is seriously brutal. Could this be a classic just like the original? Starring : Leticia, Stephanie and Zined


27290 - Slave's face under dirty flip flops and feet

I love summer time - and wearing flip flops - or no shoes at all! So at the end of the day both my shoe soles and my foot soles are pretty dirty - and now the slave will suffer under both. I've locked him in the facetrampling box and start to walk over his face with my flip flops first - even leaving a few marks from the hard edge of the little heel of the flip flops. Then I take off the shoes and continue to trample his face under my bare feet. I rub my dirty foot soles over his face and push my big toe into his mouth in between, but mostly just trample his face. And in the end, I put my flip flops back on and the trampling continues for a little longer!