All clips in the trampling archive 04/2018

183759 - Lady Scarlet - The red cockbox

I receive the greeting from the slave in a not too convinced way. He's scared because I'm wearing high heels and his dick is completely at my disposal trapped in the red cock box. I start playing with it while sitting, puncturing him with my heels and making him feel my soles. Then I stand up and all my weight sinks on him now. The moans increase as my shoes torment him. The pig gets excited too! I sit back and after a while I have my shoes taken off. Now, barefoot, I caress him and masturbate him, I tell him that it is his moment to cuddle. And just when he starts to relax and believe it, I give him two stomps and stand up to slaughter him under my soles. What did he think I would give him the privilege of feeling pleasure? This dick is just for kicking and smashing. And so I continue barefoot. Then I sit down to get my shoes back on and he begs for mercy. I get angry, I decide when to end. I still step on him with my shoes, he keeps begging and tries to protect his cock. He's boring me now... I'm leaving using his belly to get off...


183776 - Moody Girl

This is first video of the stunning Coralie, a charming newbie with a sublime face, a great body and very sexy feet. Her role on this video fits perfectly the various facets of her real personality.