All clips in the trampling archive 05/2017

183556 - Marathon Trample

This is a very special video in which Cucciolo gets trampled consecutively for 12 hours NON STOP by 7 gorgeous girls from our team. Each girl arrives for their individual shoot to trample him for 2 hours, starting at 9am and finishing at 9pm. A consuming and outrageous Trample Marathon for our beloved tramplee which sets new records. Never before will you have seen a guy trampled consecutively NON STOP for 12 hours and we've edited it down to give you the best 90 minutes of action from this historic masterpiece! Starring : Charlotte, Edwige, Estelle, Ingrid, Lola, Maud and a newbie.


183525 - The Never Ending Fetish Trampling

Don't try this at home cause it may really break your back. Very impressive! This one combines so many different, new and unseen trample ideas that we could have made almost three videos with it. And there are many more sensational things to come. A great trample video for the Pvc Vinyl and Latex fans! Starring : Carmen, Claire, Emma