All clips in the trampling archive 03/2018

183765 - Exclusive Riama Trampling 6

The Immense Riama, one of the undisputed Queens of our PPV tramples Cucciolo under her sexy barefeet and for the very first time she does it gently . She moves slowly and sensually all over his body stroking every part of it especially his face and private parts and she stands FULL WEIGHT on them too. She insists also to get her feet licked and sucked several times as she even orders him to swallow them. Fantastic camera angles complete this super sensual and sexy trample clip!


183770 - Oriental Masseuse Body Wrecker 2

This is the first one-to-one video of the tall, stunning and very talented Asian girl Debionne and the result is amazing as she handles the whole video as an experienced trampler, showing a lot of inventiveness, creativity and a strong personality. A great video with a very special girl!