All clips in the trampling archive 06/2018

183894 - Sales Girls

This is a really great video with three gorgeous girls that really destroy Cucciolo under their flip flops, high heels, stockings and barefeet. But this video marks also the historical return after more then 6 years of the legendary and stunning Elodie. Her last film was the number 86 "Face Crushing Extreme" and it looks like she didn't forget anything of her past as in this video she confirms to be still one of our greatest and hardest tramplers ever! Starring : Alicia, Assia and Elodie


183893 - Exclusive Megdeline Trampling 3

The big breasted hottie Megdeline tramples Cucciolo in her flip flops and barefoot vigorously. From the very begin she gives a quick rhythm to her action as she jumps on him briefly in her flip flops. Then, she takes them off her shoes and she starts to trample, to stomp and to jump on him wildly standing also several times on his face. A good flip flops and barefoot trample clip under a beautiful curvaceous girl!


183725 - Kiss these shoes - they're worth more than you! (small version)

This slave needs a reality update - my sexy ankle boots are worth more than his slave life and especially worth a lot more than his stupid hands. I order him to kiss and worship them, while I walk over his fingers! The hard soles flatten his fingers and the thin heels dig deep into his fragile hands - and he screams in pain in between kisses - a lovely sound! After a while, I grant him a short rest - I sit down on the couch, rest the heel of my shoe on his hand and he has to continue kissing my shoes while gravity pushes the heel deeper and deeper into his hand! After this little break, I'll continue to trample his hands though!