All clips in the trampling archive 02/2017

183485 - Enter The Trample Dragons

Do you like barefoot Japanese massages? You will love this, as these are not gentle Gallic geishas, but furious French trample girls.You won't consider back massage as a relaxing thing never ever. Starring : Angelique, Crystel, Leticia.


183373 - Throat and head under different shoes (small version)

I've brought some pairs of shoes to torment the slave - I start off with a pair of flat boots and trample his head and throat underneath. He's already struggling, but this was the least painful pair of this session! Next, I put on a pair of black leather boots with chunky heels and a mean tread on both the soles and the heels. I immediately step on his throat with my full weight and enjoy as he suffers with my body weight compressing his throat. I also stand on his head shortly before moving on to the next pairs - first my Michael Kors boots, with a little thinner heels and a pair of brown boots that already looks pretty used. For the finale I brought my LeSilla ankle boots - with really thin dangerous heels - and I also use these to trample his head and throat - let's see how the slave can handle those!