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181636 - Miss Suzanna Maxwell - Merciless Trampling in Hunter Boots (1080p MP4)

Miss Suzanna Maxwell is very brutal and merciless Goddess as you already know. If you have watched our previous clips you probably know. Today it won't be any different.The Goddess comes back home looking at her phone while treading on the slave back and forth. Of course not paying any attention whatsoever what's going on beneath her boots. Miss Suzanna starts making a phone call with one of her slave to arrange something, but the slave is kind of moving and the phone conversation was interrupted. So after she finished her phone call the Goddess is not quite happy about the slave and he will be punished properly. Miss Suzanna also needs to complete her step counter, but the slave is absolutely useless at staying still. Anyway The Goddess is not showing him any mercy at all. Jumping, stomping and some one boot head standing are taking place while the slave is trying to protect his body using his hands, but that doesn't work as Miss Suzanna trample them as well. He makes noises which the Goddess really doesn't like, so the trampling is getting more and more. As you can see it is absolutely full weight as Miss Suzanna doesn't use anything to hold on. Trampling on his chest and stomach pretty much the entire clip with some one boot head standing as we have mentioned.Her Wellington boots have really hard soles and you can see how red and marked the slave's front looks like during the clip. Towards the end of the clip Miss Suzanna is so angry that she told the slave to stop making any noises and to be honest in the last 4 minutes approximately the slave doesn't make any noise. You can see him suffering in pain a lot by the way.Most of the clip is full body, but there are some POV and some close ups.


183628 - Trample Amnesia

Great action, great fun but the highlight of this great video without doubt has to be those sexy pvc outfits and amazing terrible spikes.....Starring : Ingrid and Maud