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201897 - DARCIA - I want to DESTROY your ugly face under my feet - BRUTAL face trampling, foot domination

Sadistic cruel Darcia really loves to crush and destroy Her slave's face under Her feet! She stands on his face FULL WEIGHT without mercy in many different positions sm*thering him. She tramples and MARCHES on his face, for long time, squeezing and crushing it under her beautiful feet. She doesn't care at all if he cannot breath or if he suffers, if She destroys his face, nose, lips, eyes, She keep standing, trampling and marching on his face without any pity! Sometimes She tramples and crushes also his dick, laughing at him. She also orders him to lick Her feet, rubbing them on his tongue and squeezing his face like a cigarette butt while he licks. (BRUTAL CLIP!)


162642 - Lady Scarlet - Downstairs

Me and a friend of mine, Gabriella, decide to go for a walk but going down the stairs we notice the slave's head and hands appear. What is this fool doing? But is he sleeping? I step on his head and Gabriella pats him with a shoe and finally gives signs of life. He was waiting for us and he will have put himself like this to attract our attention... Now let's show him! We start stepping on his head and hands, we crush him under our shoes and our weight. He complains, it hurts him. We do the walk on you! Boots with wide heels and sneakersÂ… We have fun until we get tired and while the slave kisses us and licks our shoes, we decide to leave and order him to wait in that position for our return.